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BLOG: The Return to Norfolk County

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Author: Ann and Dave, owners of "Back Home Country"

Hi Y’all

So here we are, did you ever think we’d be here? Question is, “Where’s here” and why here?  Our answer is, Norfolk County, Ontario! It’s home. It’s a place that gives us that feeling of calm from coming back home. Where it just feels like the right place to wake up every morning and be us.

How and why did we end up back here in this tranquil Norfolk County? let me tell you it wasn’t a long laid out plan.  We were celebrating our anniversary and of course, our dinner choice was “The Erie Beach”!  So we drove down from the Niagara area to meet up with some lifetime friends since grade school in Teeterville and Windham Centre.  We were early as we were just enjoying our drive and the forever sense of calm it brings us as we approach the area, and taking in the views of the lake as well.

We came across a sign for an open house and thought why not!  Well,  let me say our ride back home that evening was quieter than normal.  Dave asked me what I was thinking about, as he knows when I’m that quiet there must be something up.  I answered him saying I couldn’t get the thought out of my head of the house and what it would be like moving back home to Norfolk County.  Oddly enough, he said he was thinking the same thing.

We let that thought go quiet again, and a few days later over an afternoon coffee, once again… “So what are you thinking about”? Was the question… and that was it. A year later we moved into our home we had designed and built for us.  We haven’t looked back as it’s been four years now and we know it was exactly what and where we needed to be.

Who are we? Well, we are Ann & Dave. Our small home-based business is “Back Home Country”.  We didn’t set out after our retirements to go back to work, but this time we’re doing something that gives us an amazing self good feeling of satisfaction.  Once again, it wasn’t a long laid out plan to start this business.  It got started when our daughter and I picked up a couple wood rounds and thought we’d do a DIY project for ourselves.  Dave looked at it and said he’d be able to make something better than that for us.  So he did, then we made a few more… sold a few… and here we are a year later,

Back Home Country ~ Hand Crafted Home Decor.

BHC has kept us very busy and we’re loving it.  Please check us out on our website/Facebook & Instagram.  I’d love to share more of our story with y’all, but I fear I’ve carried on long enough for today.  I’ve enjoyed sharing a little bit of who we are and look forward to continuing our journeys past and present with you.

Y’all stay Healthy & Safe.

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