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Happy Pottahawk Sunday!🚤

These mugs made by Norfolk Enamelware are perfect for your morning coffee, tea, or whatever you enjoy ☕ If you are interested they can be found at Liberty Home Decor and Gift Boutique in Port Dover, Sloths&Molasses in Simcoe, and the Turkey Point Food Market!

Pottahawk is an unorganized event by many boaters from Norfolk and surrounding areas that happens on the Second Sunday of July and is always a fun day that boaters look forward to. However, due to COVID-19, if you decide to head out there today while you enjoy your fun in the sun, be extra careful and practice social distancing and adhere to your social circle of no more than 10 people. For more information on COVID-19 safety and general best practices at Pottahawk, the Norfolk OPP statement can be found here:

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